OLGA Gymnastics Academy

Our week long event photographing everyone at ever class at OLGA Gymnastics Club!

Since 2008 we have worked along side the wonderful staff at OLGA gymnastics club to produce studio and action photos of all the children that attend the classes throughout the week.

We start with the tumble tots and through the week we cover the recreational gym, trampoline, beam, bars, club squads, tumbling all the way up to their advanced gymnasts. Each is given the opportunity for a studio shoot and also photographed within the gym showing off all the skills they have mastered.

Each days photographed are uploaded to our website and each child given a form on the day so they can be viewed that night

The following week we display all the photos we have taken on our boards and are ready with USB and print offers for the parents to either choose their favourite to put together in our specially designed borders or simply all the images on a USB for one simple price

Over the years we have gotten to know all the staff at the gym and its always a pleasure to work with. That bond that we have created really does allow us to really get the best out of the photos for the children and the parents.